Do I need to be an artist?

No art experience needed!
This course is unique and designed for adults.
We focus on the process and visioning, rather than artistic skill.

What is Online Art Therapy?

Heal Creatively

Art has always been a catalyst for healing & communication. Art therapy can help you transcend words to express emotions. Immerse in creative activities to improve your mental well-being. Experience transformation with this Self-Healing Art Therapy Kit.
3 Benefits of Art Therapy


Registered Art Therapist

Jennifer Jensen

Just like every plant starts off as a sapling, fragile, and determined, we all grow at our own pace. Setting roots and leaning into what nourishes us. Some time that may be from elements that are unhealthy. Other times we may be lonely.

I want to help you nurture yourself, protect, and sustain empowering self-care. My aim is to create awareness, facilitate you to bring positive change, to help understand and appreciate your personal story.

With over 20 years of experience as a Registered Art Therapist, in a variety of dynamic therapeutic locations, I’ve created the tools in this Self-Healing Art Therapy Kit, to come alongside in your journey of wellbeing. I am passionate about helping others through art and hope to have the opportunity to help you too.

Art Therapy Kit

This unique experience encompasses a variety of topics and life events, allowing you to express your personal story.

Each module has several effective art therapy activities & prompts.

  • Module 1: SELF-AWARENESS 🔍

    Let’s express your personal story through Art. Discover the whole YOU, part by part.

    Foster a deeper understanding of your unique wiring and innate energy to help better navigate your life.


    We look at different aspects & angles for a new perspective.

    True transformation is a change in behavior, and this can only come when we open our eyes to the wider picture and explore different views with rested eyes.

  • Module 3: BOUNDARIES 🥅

    Heal core issues, even the ones you are not aware of. Balance emotions, bring clarity, and resolve.

    Are you frequently disappointed? Maybe disappointed in yourself and by the people around you? It’s time to check in with your expectations. Here are a few ways to help you examine, and adjust realistic boundaries.

  • Module 4: SEASONS 🌎

    Impermanence, we all know that every season passes. There is a beginning, middle, and ending.

    Let’s explore where life is not flowing smoothly. This could be the key to unlocking, where you are feeling stuck, lonely, or anxious.

  • Module 5: PATHS TO RECOVERY 💦

    You are on a unique journey. Sometimes, clarity and useful strategies evade you, that’s okay. The first step is to identify triggers for your personal situation. Only then can we create the right coping skills for you. This brings in healing and the presence of peace.

    What we are looking for is the path of least resistance, this is the place we create the habit and healing practices that are sustainable, practical, and measurable.

  • Module 6: HEALING & WELLNESS 💕

    We hear words like self-care and self-love. What does this really mean? Things like sorrow, grief, loneliness, trauma come up, but we are ill-equipped to deal with these feelings.

    Here we get in touch with direct portals to transformation. Not just a bandaid on a gushing wound, but true healing and growth.

  • Module 7: COSMOS & PORTALS 🌪️ 🌈

    In this ever-changing world, the ability to reinvent and innovate is a life skill unto itself. Imagine the cosmic planes of creativity, problem-solving, and inspiration were at your fingertips.

    We explore how to unveil these portals and deep inner worlds. Here we replace fear with curiosity.

  • Module 8: PLANNING & PLANTING 🌱

    We all have needs, desires, and callings and sometimes we lack the tools.

    Nature innately promotes healing, growth, and development. Here we tap into mindful practices that transcend overload, confusion, and indecision. It will help you feel clear and ready for action.

  • *Bonuses*
    Module 9: GRIEF PROCESSING 🌅
    Module 10: RITUALS 🌠

    For some things in life, there are no words.
    Creative healing may just be the only thing that gets us to the other side of the sadness and profound loss we sometimes feel.

    Let’s explore rituals, celebrations & milestones.
    They provide structure and predictability.
    This is what we all want in an unpredictable world. These moments also enhance our memory, self-control, and focus, leading to the breakthrough we are after.

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